How to use the FirstBackup Knowledge Base

The FirstBackup Knowledge Base provides comprehensive information to help you use the FirstBackup Online Backup and Recovery Service.

To locate a Help topic

Click one of the tabs in the Knowledge Base navigation pane to locate the information you want:

  • Click the Contents tab to browse through the table of contents. Click the book entries to view related topic entries, and click topic entries to open the topic in the Help topic pane.
  • Click the Index tab to search for information on a specific topic by scanning the index entries or typing an entry. Click an index entry to open the Help topic.
  • Click the Search tab to conduct a full-text search for specific words or phrases. Type the words to search for, and press ENTER. In the list of matching topics, click an entry to open the Help topic.

To hide or show the navigation pane

     1. On the Help menu bar, click Hide Navigation to hide the navigation pane, including the Contents, Index and Search tabs.
     2. Click Show Navigation to view the navigation pane again.

To synchronize the Contents and Help topic

On the Help menu bar, click Sync Table of Contents to synchronize the table of contents with the current Help topic. In the table of contents, the Help topic's title is highlighted. You can then navigate further from the table of contents if desired.

To navigate between Help topics

  • Click on hyperlinked (blue/underlined) words and phrases to jump to the corresponding Help topic or related document.
  • Right-click in a Help topic and click Back on the shortcut menu to return to the previous topic.

To print a Help topic

Right-click in the Help topic, and click Print on the shortcut menu.



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